Paint Palette Cookies and Planning Your Cookie Project

I had to add these beautiful cookies to my art blog. Created by Jennifer of Jadore Cookies. And so cool how the cookie artist shared her planning process.
Enjoy more of her creations here –
xo skyblue


La Vie en Cookies

paint palette cookies
Most of the time when I make cookies, it’s for no special purpose. I just like to decorate cookies. But sometimes I will make cookies for a specific occasion, such as a birthday party, as I did for these paint palette cookies I made this week. I’m the kind of person who likes to have a plan even if I don’t really need one, but if I have a specific deadline as I did with these cookies, I find it especially helpful to sit down and write out a schedule before I get started on the project.

The first thing I usually do is to draw out the cookie that I’m going to be making. I’ll trace the cookie cutter onto a piece of paper so that I can get an idea of the size it will be. The reason I find this so helpful is that it makes it…

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