dragonfly’s, kitty cats, daisies, flea markets, cupcakes, holding hands, ice cream, willow trees, sunrises, dancing, cups of tea, love birds, rainbows, best friends, … have i got anyone’s attention yet?  If not, you probably won’t want to hang out with me for more than a post or two.  If you are all eyes and ears however, well… let’s put it this way… if my right brain were a mood enhancing mobile app, I might be your favorite (at least I’d like to be!)  (-:

Roam around, and you’ll find the images and ideas that appear in my daydreams, my journals, my photos, my paintings, my poems.  I’m hoping i can make someone smile once or twice.

I have learned as I write out loud to the universe, that doing yoga in the sun, making art with a friend, dancing to drum music, napping with my kitty, blogging under a blankie… these are all much cheaper than a therapist or a gym membership, and have less side effects than Prozac.  I am on a quest for peace, love, and tighter buns.   i hope you will visit me from time to time, or whenever you can just use a little piece of happy cake.  I am zero calories, all organic, and 100% fat free!

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***For old school Skyblue, check out my original blog…Dancing Rapunzel.  This was when I really discovered the healing powers of writing.


(Most photos are my own.  Typically I will credit the ones that are not mine.)


72 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Janice, you are so sweet. i love your artwork, and will have to spend more time wandering your blog site. i live in boring suburbs of CT, wish i could say i lived in the city… just love to visit whenever i can. I haven’t the foggiest idea how to tweet. (-:

  1. ANd hmmmmm not to be creepy, but why do i get the feeling you like edamame with Himalayan pink salt, WILCO, sushi nori in miso soup, mountain biking over the Brooklyn Bridge, BAM, MOMA, and the lower East SIde? MANNNNN I am homesick. Especially for 14th Street/Union Square. My last apt was on 175 Third Ave — corner of third and 17th. I am DYING here.

    • wow… i am so not as hip as all this… but i did just youtube Wilco, and I’m sure I could love them. I do have a thing for Cat Stevens music. The salt, absolutely, and I tried edamame actually during my last trip to Brooklyn for the first time… dying to spend an entire day at BAM… have only been there for brief visits. I hope you are enjoying life as much as possible in Ohio, although i can imagine you must miss NY very much. thanks for visiting me! See you in the city sometime. (-:

  2. So happy to have discovered you this morning! Somehow your “Follow” escaped me until today, but I am thrilled to be here. You are an excellent writer—loved your style, humor, and depth. I’m so looking forward to reading more and to enjoying your images and artwork!

      • Ahhhh – to everything turn, turn – right? You’re just gestating, filling your well. I hope you do it deliberately – with strolls through a park, antique store, art gallery…whatever feeds your artist’s eye. Good luck!

  3. With the help of total strangers in the blogosphere, I had a creative breakthrough just a few days ago when I covered three pages of the sketchpad after many years of artist’s block. Enjoy creating and we look forward to seeing your art on the blog 🙂

    • Oh, its so nice of you to stop in… i have large project keeping me from writing regularly, but i can’t help taking a few minutes in the day reading and taking in all the beauty i find on WordPress. Your blog is so exotic and beautiful, and your artwork is breathtaking. i could live and breath artwork of such. hope to see you again!

      • Ohhh Thank you 🙂 such kind words. Enjoy the reading and I await your return into the writing mode again, soon I hope … Tanya

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog, I am very new at this and in my not so spare time I enjoyed reading about your world and your art and dancing.

  5. your blog is gorgeous! can’t wait to get a cup of tea and some dark chocolate and browse away…..to add to your list of lovely things…how about butterflies, coloured scarves, and that feeling when the sun shines through your window right where you are napping….x

  6. Thank you for being the 200th subscriber to The Risible Rambler! Your blog is quite the charming slice of happy cake, and I will be coming back for second, third, and fourth helpings.

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    • good morning and thanks! i love this world of wordpress. connecting with people around the world and reading their stories. my morning fix is nearly over…i wish i could do it all day sometimes. have a lovely day!

  8. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.I am launched my blog about three months ago.I am new,but I am getting now so many emails,makes me so happy.I read it your blog mostly.It’s amazing what you doing.You have very a good heart.I know you like it music.My favorite music it’s Violin and piano.

    • I love so many kinds of music, but there is nothing like a violin or piano solo to take you away to a beautiful place. I used to play violin in high school…how i miss it! I haven’t really been able to travel since i was very young… so music, and dance, and the internet too, are where i find my escape to other lands. (-: i wish you safe and delightful voyage as you sail around these waters. I hope to hear more about your travels! Cheers and Happy New Year to you

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    • i was so happy to come home to find your kind comment. I laugh because i am not feeling very energetic or enthusiastic lately (i don’t do to well in the bitter cold winter here), but you seeing that in me just makes me want to snap out of it and get over it! (-: It’s amazing how people from across the world can affect your mood, or make a difference in your day. your photography is beautiful and i look forward to more. Thank you, and best wishes Konstantine!

  10. Hello there! Thanks so much for the follow. What a nice blog you have here …I like the name. And I love the pictures of the dog with the soccer ball …so cute!

    • Hello Arlene! i keep trying to reply but my message keeps disappearing. i think it’s must my day for computer problems. anyway, thank you for visiting! i love your photos. i see you are an animal lover too. that zukes looks great! are you an affiliate? if so i will link through you if i buy. it is great to meet you! see you again. 🙂

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